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Terms & Conditions

Definitions of categories in the "Mountain to Valley 2024" race

Running – a team relay race (competitive / non-competitive) – 18 legs from the national park Arbel to Timrat according to the published route. Six runners in a team (Each runner runs 3 legs a total of about 26-34 Km) and nine runners in a team (each runner runs 2 legs a total of about 15-25Km). There is no limit on the number of escorts in a team. In competitive teams runners must maintain the running rotation order specified in the starting point.

Ultra-marathon – an individual race of about 51 Km based on the last 5 legs of the M2V relay race.

Half-marathon - an individual race of 21 Km based on the last 2 legs of the M2V relay race. Starting location and finish line in Timrat.

Pre-participation prerequisites
Any individual wishing to participate in the M2V relay race must comply with all of the following conditions:

  • Relay race and the Half Marathon category participants must be at least 16 years old on the day of the race. Individuals under the age of 18 must submit a signed parental permission form.

  • Ultra-Marathon participants must be at least 18 years old on the day of the race.

  • Complete and sign the participant statement form.

  • Pay the registration fee and sign up to the individual categories (Ultra and Half Marathon) or pay the registration fee and sign up to a team.

  • Agree to be photographed and agree that his/her photos may appear in various publicity media.

  • Comply with the race rules.



Registration for the 2024 race will begin on 24.3.2024 and will end on 22.5.2024 at midnight.

  • Registration involves a fee, as specified in the Price List and Time Schedules.

  • There is no charge for opening a team.

  • Cancellation of participation can be done until 06.05.2024 or two weeks from the day of purchase (the later) deducting 50 NIS cancellation fee. After that date, no refunds whatsoever will be made in case of cancellation.


Runners' kits

The runners' kits will be distributed along with the flags and chest numbers. What is in the kit?

  • Wicking running hat.

  • Flexible running bottle.

  • M2V car sticker.

  • Vehicle flags (per team).

  • Chest numbers.



  • Escort vehicles of the teams or the Ultra-Marathon runners must obey all traffic laws when driving from one relay exchange point to the next. It is prohibited to trail runners or to drive close to them; runners must not be disturbed when running.

  • Parking at the relay exchange points is permitted for escort vehicles only.

  • Do not stop or park vehicles within 250 m before the relay exchange point. Vehicles may park only in the parking areas adjacent to each relay exchange point.

Please obey the parking attendants' instructions and park in an orderly manner.


​Logistics and management

  • Arrival at the exchange stations in the relay race is under the responsibility of the team members.

  • The race ends at Timrat - the end point of the race.

  • It is the responsibility of the runners to reach independently to their vehicle, the exchange points and to any other required place. The race will provide transportation only for the Ultra-marathon runner.


On the race day – Relay / Ultra-Marathon / Half-Marathon

  • All runners are required to pass all checkpoints along the route.

  • All runners are required to run with a number and chip.

  • In the relay category all participants must clearly display their team number on the front of their shirt (bib) and wear the race bracelet, or any other accessory defined as the exchange accessory that is passed between the participants. Participants arriving at the exchange stations must pass the bracelet or relay accessory to the next participant in the rotation within the defined exchange station area.

  • Orderliness and tidiness - private property must be respected at all times. Garbage and human waste must be disposed of properly.

  • Race route errors - participants who make a route error shall do one, or all, of the following to return to route on foot:

    • Locate race signs that mark the race route.

    • Seek assistance from other participants in the vicinity.

    • After returning to the race route, such participants will resume their leg of the race without shortcuts and road cuts.

  • Runners' safety - runners are called to exercise great caution during the race. No roads will be closed and there will be no traffic control or assistance stations. Runners must pay attention to vehicular traffic at all times since some of the race legs pass along busy roads. Always run against the direction of traffic, unless instructed otherwise.

  • Daytime running - all participants must wear a hat and carry water.

  • Nighttime activity - from sunset to sunrise, all participants must wear a reflective bib as well as a hands-free head lamp and have a flashing red light in the back. Participants who fail to take these precautions might be disqualified and cause their teams to be disqualified. Use of reflective bibs is recommended during the daytime as well.

  • Quiet must be maintained in the vicinity of inhabited areas.

Competitive teams

  • Running order - Runners must maintain the running rotation order specified on on the day of the race. Relay exchanges will take place at each of the exchange stations.

  • Injury or illness - runners who suffer injury or sudden illness that prevents them from completing the leg of the race they are running, will be replaced at the point of injury by the next runner on the rotation, who will then complete that leg of the race. This runner will make an exchange at the next exchange station as required. The new runner may not complete the leg and continue running the next leg as well (the runner's original leg according to the team rotation order).

Replacing a runner due to injury

  • Injured runners may not resume running.

  • One or more of the team members will have to run additional legs. But they can't run two legs in a row and also subject to all other instructions here.

  • In competitive category (running)

    • The original rotation order must be maintained.

    • Only one runner replacement may be made per leg.

    • Changing the order of runners or having a runner run more than one consecutive leg will cause the team to change category from competitive to non-competitive.


An escort in the Ultra-Marathon race

  • An escort in the ultra race must register and pay like a full-fledged runner.

  • One escort is allowed to accompany the ultra-runner at each stage of the race. Escorting by a number of runners will result in a technical disqualification.

  • The escorting runner will not carry equipment and / or food for the ultra-runner he is accompanying. Nutrition including fluids is the responsibility of the runner himself and based on the feed stations at each station on the route.

  • Escorting bicycles for all categories are absolutely forbidden! Poses a safety hazard to the runner and the many runners on the track. A runner escorted by a cyclist will be technically disqualified.

Crossing roads

  • Participants are responsible to make sure that there is no traffic before crossing.

  • It is mandatory to ensure a proper headlamp and operate it before and during crossing - crossing without identification by an active flashlight will not be allowed.


Race times and station closing times

Race start times are staggered. In order to prevent excessively long race times, opening and closing times have been set for the exchange stations. Teams will choose their starting time, based on availability, from a range suitable the average group running pace while referring to the opening and closing times of the stations along the route. Teams who arrive at a station before its opening will have to wait until the station opens. Such waiting times will not be offset from the team's final time. Teams who arrive at a station after its closing time, will call the race situation room for instructions regarding their participation in the race. As a rule, competitive teams that arrive at stations after closing are transferred to the non-competitive teams' category. Non-competitive teams will, in the event of reaching a closed station, skip a number of stations ahead and continue the race. They must notify the manager of the station to which they have skipped or the race situation room.


General changes and unplanned changes in the race and race route

  • The race organizers may change the race route at their discretion due to unexpected and unforeseen circumstances that might interfere with the race route or that might endanger the runners and the race organizers.

  • The race organizers may change the race starting times, the exchange station closing times, and the race ending time due to unexpected and unforeseen circumstances that might interfere with the race route or that might endanger the runners and the race organizers.

  • No public, commercial activity or any logistical organization that is not for the purpose of the participant's own race will be allowed (including corporate events, commercial complexes or any activity produced by an external body and/or an external company, including tents, closed complexes, food stands, etc.)

  • Any request for activity will be coordinated with the management of the association, including the use of the start , the finish, the intermediate stations and the vehicle parking complexes or any other space along the race route.

  • Any activity that is not coordinated and approved in writing by the organizers of the race is considered trespassing and the management of the association will deal with these issues with all the severity of the law.

Additional rules

  • In case a participant violates the race rules and / or if there are suspicions of abuse of a right or authority granted and / or there is apprehension that he has bypassed the rules of the race in any way, the race management may prevent him from participating in the race and the participant will have no claim or a lawsuit against it and / or against anyone on its behalf for the termination of participation in the race in these circumstances.

  • Participants will be photographed by a representative of the race directors and the photos will be published at the discretion of the organizers, including on the race website. Race participants will have no claim in this regard.

  • The winner of the ultra-marathon may be reviewed and in registering and participating the participant expresses his consent to the publication of his name and coverage of his win, including online and various written publications.

  • The race regulations are subject to the laws and regulations of the State of Israel.

  • Notice regarding a change in the terms of the race and / or a change in the provisions of the regulations will be published at the sole discretion of the race directors. The publication of the change on the race website will be considered as a notice under this section.

  • In any case of conflict and / or inconsistency between the race rules and any other written or oral publication, of any kind and type, the provisions of this race rules will prevail unless otherwise stated in the publication itself.

The participant is solely responsible to stay up to date on a daily basis, and even more often as race day approaches, with the terms of the race and with this document, and/or any changes made in them. Participation in the race will constitute as an agreement to any such changes.



  • Participation in the race is the sole responsibility of the participants.

  • The existence of the race depends, among other things, on third parties. The management of the race is not responsible for any act or omission of third parties and will not be responsible for any damage and / or loss and / or expense caused to the participant and / or any third party as a result of the aforesaid.

  • The race management will not bear any responsibility for any technical and / or planning and / or organizational malfunction related to the organization and management of the race, including the management and conduct of the race and does not guarantee that the race will take place without interruptions and without malfunctions.

  • The participant exempts the race management and / or anyone on its behalf completely, definitively and irrevocably from liability for any damage, loss or expense of any kind and type, including legal expenses which are related, directly or indirectly, to the race. In addition, the participant hereby waives completely, definitively and irrevocably any claim and / or demand from the race organizers and / or anyone on their behalf in connection with participation in the race.



Complaints regarding infringement of race rules, contestations or objections about results or decisions, shall be submitted at the nearest relay exchange point (or at the finish point) to representatives of the organizing committee and, in any case, no later than 30 minutes after crossing the finish line.


Refund policy

Should the race be cancelled or postponed due to force majeure or any other event over which the organizers have no control, including various weather-related events, war, security-related events, corona virus and so on, the association will make a decision regarding the refund in accordance with the date of cancellation, the association's existing obligations at the date of cancellation and expected after and as a result and additional expenses as applicable.

participant statement form


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